The explosion of the high tech computer industry has resulted in an enormous increase in the number of electronics manufactured per year. Of course, with each passing year-now every six months-the older units are becoming out of date. Now there is an opportunity to recycle the precious metals from your out of date components rather that just simply adding them to the increasing stream of electronic waste.

CalWest Recycling e-waste management team has developed many close long term relationship with refiners worldwide to ensure that all material is handled and processed to meet all governmental regulations.
OK Our e-waste solutions include:

• Manufacturing byproduct recycling
• Surplus/excess inventory
• Teardown and destruction requirements
• Company closeouts
• Data destruction including Total destruction of proprietary equipment (Certificate of Destruction Issued)
• Equipment Collection / Removal
• Transportation and logistics handling

We buy and recycle the following types of scrap e-Waste:
Whole Computers, Servers Power Supplies, Heat Sinks, Computer Fans Optical Drives, Hard drives, Floppy Drives Air conditioners, Heaters, Routers, Hubs, Switches Telephone Equipment, Telephones Mice & Keyboards Circuit Boards, Motherboards, Computer Memory, Processors Computer Wire, Cat 5 Cable, Extension Cords Electric Motors, Pumps Stereos, Cable Boxes, VCR's, Receivers Laptops, Laptop Batteries, Cell Phones, Cameras Printers , Fax Machines, Copiers

Please contact us for implementing an e-waste recycling program with your company 1-800-980-1187