CalWest Recycling accepts the following:

Ferrous Metals: Iron, Steel, Bushling, Tin, Steel Borings, Cast Iron

Non-Ferrous Metals Aluminum, Copper, Stainless, Brass, Wire, Radiators, Precious Metals and more.

We also provide the following services:
  • The retrieval of your recyclables at no charge
  • The provision of all necessary containers needed for retrieval
  • The provision of bulk pricing
  • Proposed solutions for material assortment for enabling the greatest ROI
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Highly responsive payment turn-around times
  • The highest quality customer service.




Prepared Steel


Unprepared Steel


Steel Plate Scrap

Stainless Steel

Steel Borings

High-Temperature Alloys

Cast Iron


Tin Products

Insulated Copper Wire

Usable Items

Insulated Aluminum Wire

Steel Plate

Electric Motors

Steel Beams

Aircraft Aluminum

Steel Pipe

CATV Coax Cable

Steel Angles

Auto Batteries

Steel Channel

Please call us for current scrap prices at 510-675-0701