Customer Care

Our Focus

• To earn your trust as your #1 E-waste recycler. Our position in the electronic waste recycling industry makes us one of the top ten competitors.
• To maintain our integrity through the practice of honesty, intelligence, and experience.
• CalWest Recycling will constantly work toward being aware, seeing what's ahead, being flexible, and determined enough to get where you want us to.
• To be focused, to understand our customers' ever-changing needs, to strive to meet them by embracing new ideas, technology and methods that help us grow with them harmoniously.
• To take full responsibility for what we do and make sure that we are exceptional in our ability to provide outstanding, customer service to every one of our customers!

Business Incentives

• Onsite next day pick up services
• Data Removal utilizing the Eliminator Degasser for 100% security, guaranteed
• Authentic Certificate of Destruction (COD) immediately following any pick up
• Complete destruction of all proprietary products
• Recycle and safely dispose hazard material - eliminate land field penetration

Company Benefits

• Adhere to Government Compliance
• Reduce Corporate Risks
• Protect Your Competitive Advantage
• Prevent Identity Theft
• Increase Productivity via Outsourcing